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Membership Form in PDF Format

The Missisquoi River Basin Association is a non-profit active volunteer organization whose success depends upon the support of its members. We are dedicated to water quality improvement in the Missisquoi River, Bay and the tributaries within the Missisquoi watershed. As a member of MRBA, you can help in many ways (check as many areas as you’d like):

__  Participate in stream bank restoration workdays (eg. tree planting)
__  Help with river clean-up by canoe or kayak
__  Take part in monthly planning meetings
__  Participate in collecting water samples
__  Borrow our watershed model for teaching/demonstration purposes
__  Work on the Wild + Scenic Rivers study of the Upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers
__  Cost-share in a nutrient management program
__  Bring "Bugworks" to your students
__  Attend our annual public forum
__  Read MRBA’s newsletters
__  I am not able to donate time or money now, but am a supporter of MRBA's initiatives.

We encourage you to express your support of our efforts to improve water quality by becoming a member of MRBA. There is no fee involved. Your membership shows our legislators that there is a strong constituency that is concerned about our watershed and is working to improve the situation.


While we do not charge a membership fee, we always welcome donations. Grants alone do not cover the cost of running our volunteer organization and we rely on donations to fill the gap.

__  I would like to make a donation.

Suggested levels:

__  Creek $10
__  Brook $35
__  Stream $100
__  River $200 or more
__  Student $5
__  I’ll underwrite a donation of $____ for other supporters unable to donate
__  Other support I can offer______________
__  I am not able to donate time or money now, but am a supporter of MRBA’s initiatives.

MRBA is a non-profit organization with IRS 501(c)3 tax-exempt status

We appreciate your donation of any amount and enthusiastically welcome members who want to support us by volunteering their time!

A donation is not required to become a member.

Name: _____________________________________

Mailing Address: _____________________________


Phone No: __________________________________

E-Mail: _____________________________________

Mail to: Missisquoi River Basin Association
9534 Route 36 - Unit 5
East Fairfield, VT 05448
(802) 933-9009, or mrba@pshift.com

Missisquoi River Basin Association  9534 Route 36 - Unit 5  East Fairfield, VT   05448
(office) 802.827.3360  (cell) 802.752.7247, or email mrba@pshift.com