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Moosewood Ponds Wetlands Restoration Project

The wetlands restoration work at the Moosewood Ponds is intended to repair damage to these beaver ponds which took place Oct 1996.

Project goals include restoration of habitat for beaver as well as numerous other animal and plant species supported by the ponds and the adjacent wet meadow and forest.

The area was a cow pasture from the 1800's until 1948. The largest pond was originally created by beaver in the early 1950's. Beavers made the other ponds in the 1970's. Fishing and swimming are not allowed.


High Meadow Pasture & Wetlands Restoration Project

The High Meadow is the original site of the Dodge Farm (1876 -1948), now known as the High Ponds Farm. Spruce and apple trees were planted here in 1954. Two successive owners allowed the High Meadow to become overgrown.

Project goals include restoration of two small sections of pasture for cows, establishing a native wildflower meadow for butterflies, and maintaining tall grass areas for ground nesting birds. The project also includes construction of several shallow wetlands for the benefit of amphibians and birds as well as to protect the water quality downstream of here.


Burnt Mountain Trail Protection Project

The summit of Burnt Mountain in Montgomery, Vermont (Franklin County) was relatively unknown prior to 1990. Rolf Anderson first discovered the spectacular view from the natural open rock outcrop on the summit ridge after several local people who had climbed the mountain told him that there was no view from the top. As it turned out the earlier climbers had reached the highest point - the wooded summit - and not finding a view they returned to the bottom.

When Rolf made his first climb of Burnt Mountain he continued past the wooded summit to find a spectacular view farther out the summit ridge. The Anderson Family created the trail with permission of the landowners at that time. They have since purchased the land to protect the natural resources and ensure continued public access from the High Ponds Farm parking area to the top of the mountain.

Project goals include repairing damage from logging activity which took place prior to purchase of the land by the Andersons. Trail work will stabilize the footpath and prevent soil erosion by grading the trail surface, constructing water bars and diversion ditches, and seeding with native grasses and woodland plants.


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The High Ponds Farm is a natural resources stewardship demonstration site located in the Hazen's Notch Area of Montgomery, Vermont.


Hazen's Notch Conservation Lands

The High Ponds Farm is a privately owned nature preserve located in the Hazen's Notch Area of Montgomery, Vermont - 2.5 miles east of Montgomery Center. The High Ponds Farm is open to the public on a limited basis. Access is at the landowners' discretion.


Hazen's Notch Association

The High Ponds Farm is one of over 30 privately owned properties in the Hazen's Notch area of Montgomery which allow limited public access and that are managed by the Hazen's Notch Association, a non-profit conservation organization.


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