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Hiking, Snowshoeing & Cross Country Skiing

The High Ponds Farm has several miles of gentle woods roads and rugged trails which offer visitors an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of this private property. The woods roads and trails are all part of a larger network of trails maintained by the non-profit Hazen's Notch Association. Visitors should be aware that some trails lead completely off this property and do not make a loop back to the trailhead access parking area at the High Ponds Farm. There is no winter access at the High Ponds Farm. All winter trail access is from the Hazen's Notch Welcome Center at 1423 Hazen's Notch Road.

Trail Use Fee

In Spring, Summer and Fall the trails on the High Ponds Farm are open to the public at no charge. In Winter a trail pass is required for which a fee is charged. Purchase a trail pass at the Hazen's Notch Association's Welcome Center at 1423 Hazen's Notch Road (Route 58). There is no winter access at the High Ponds Farm. All winter trail access is from the Hazen's Notch Welcome Center on Route 58, the Hazen's Notch Road.

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Trails are closed during Spring mud season, April 1 - May 15. This is as the snow pack melts and as frost leaves the ground. High elevation areas are most prone to being damaged by hikers in Spring. The thin layer of topsoil often laying on bedrock and on steep slopes is easily eroded at any time of year. However in Spring walkers and hikers will easily cause damage.

Low Elevation Walking Allowed

The High Ponds Farm can be thought of as having two elevation areas. The low elevation area begins at the entrance to the property on the Rossier Road and extends up to the back of the High Meadow and the Notch Trail. The high elevation area is entirely uphill from the Notch Trail. This area is completely closed in Spring.

Moosewood Ponds:  In Spring visitors may walk up the Beaver Ponds Trail to the Moosewood Ponds to see the Spring wildflower bloom, watch beavers and enjoy the views of Burnt Mountain.

High Meadow:  Visitors may also walk up the High Meadow Trail to the High Meadow to enjoy the panoramic views of the Jay Mountains and the many narcissi planted under the apple trees and along the stone wall.

Lower Orchard & Pasture:  There are also many narcissi planted in the small orchard and pasture area just before the parking area on the right (uphill) side of the Rossier Road. Dogs must be on a short leash at all times.

Birding:  Experienced birders report that some of the best places to observe birds at the High Ponds Farm is along the Rossier Road from the entrance of the property up to the parking area; in the orchard & pasture area just uphill of the entrance road and parking area to see bluebirds; and at the Moosewood Ponds. The back (upper edge) of the High Meadow is also a good spot to see warblers. For a complete list of breeding birds seen at the High Ponds Farm, go to the Natural Resources page.

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The High Ponds Farm opens to hiking each year on May 15. Dogs are allowed but must be on a short leash at all times.

Attention: A 200-acre area on Burnt Mountain has been posted against trespassing due to ongoing forest management activities.

Hiking Information:  For complete information about hiking at the High Ponds Farm, go to the Hiking page on the website of the Hazen's Notch Association.

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Fall is a popular time to visit the High Ponds Farm. The combination of the autumn colors, beaver ponds, the steep forested slopes of the mountains and the numerous open pastures, orchards and fields make for a wonderful place to walk, hike, explore and enjoy the beauty of northern Vermont.

Hikes for Families with Children:  The High Ponds Farm is equally popular with families with young children. The small orchard and pasture uphill from the Rossier Road where you enter the property is especially fun for young children. There is a winding mowed path which makes a loop past apple trees and along an old stone wall. Wildflowers grow throughout this area which attract many butterflies. Adults will enjoy the beautiful views of Hazen's Notch especially at the far upper end of the loop.

Stroller & Wheel Chair Accessible Trails:  The Beaver Ponds Trail leading gently uphill from the parking area is ideal for wheel chairs and strollers. The first section of the trail is almost completely flat from the parking area to the first beaver pond on the right. This pond is visible from the parking area. It is also a flat walk beyond this pond to the junction with the Window Rock Trail and for the next 100 meters to the wheel chair accessible bridge over Flood Brook. This walk is ideal for even the smallest of children.

Hunting Season:  Hikers should use caution during hunting season.

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Please Observe These Rules

May 15 - November 15: Area open sunrise to sunset. Only walking allowed. Dogs must be on leash. Hike along several miles of gentle woods roads past numerous beaver ponds that support a rich diversity of wildlife. Along the way you'll find places to stop for a picnic and to enjoy the view.

Hazen's Notch Conservation Lands

The High Ponds Farm is a private property. It is one of two nature preserves that make up the 500-acre Hazen's Notch Conservation Lands. The other preserve is the 100-acre Bear Paw Pond Conservation Area, also a private property.


Trout River Network

The High Ponds Farm is a member of the Trout River Network which supports sustainable communities in northern Vermont.


NOFA + Community Gardens

The High Ponds Farm is a member of NOFA VT, the Vermont Chapter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association, the Vermont Community Garden Network, and Montgomery Community Gardens.


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