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Trout River Network

Mission & Inspiration

  The Trout River Network was formed in 2005 by Rolf and Sharon Anderson of Montgomery, Vermont. After noting the 10th anniversary of the Hazen's Notch Association, the Andersons reflected upon the growing sense of place that Montgomery was acquiring.  With a unique character shaped by history, geography, and its residents - Montgomery has for a long time stood out from other Vermont towns. And yet there are similarities with other towns whose vitality is a direct reflection of the people who live there and who care deeply for their part of Vermont.

  The strong links within the community have both fostered and benefited from the diverse civic and non-profit organizations found here.

  These include:
Town government, the Montgomery Elementary School, the Montgomery Fire Department and Emergency Response Squad, the Catholic, Methodist and Baptist churches,

Photo  Rolf Anderson
Upland Pasture, Montgomery, Vermont

the Montgomery Historical Society, the Montgomery Town Library, the Montgomery Recreation Center, the Covered Bridges Garden Club, the Montgomery Quilting Circle, the Mountain Fiber Folk, the Green Mountain Club, and the Hazen's Notch Association.

County Connections / Networks

  We all know that the vitality of a town cannot be taken for granted.  We also realize that each town in an area is dependent upon its neighboring towns in many ways.  Quality of life issues are not solely the result of actions taken within one town or another.  Rather it is the area or region taken as a whole that determines in large measure how well each community can successfully create its own sense of place, its own unique identity and, in the process, maintain the quality of life for its residents.

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Vital Communities

  The measurements for the quality of life in a given town include the physical and spiritual health of its residents, the protection of its natural resources, the education of its children, the preservation of its history, vibrant businesses, citizen involvement in government, diverse social organizations, an active arts scene and, in Franklin County, agriculture.

  Together these and other elements create a healthy or vital community. There is much to celebrate in our part of Vermont.  And much to share.

  The Trout River Network is dedicated to promoting vital communities throughout Franklin County. We want to maintain our quality of life as we face the challenges of a fast changing world.  The Trout River Network's goal is to bring people and organizations together in support of the vitality of each and every town in Franklin County.  Join the network and help make a difference.

Thank you !  

The Network

  Members of the Trout River Network are listed with a description of services or products as well as contact information.

  Use these listings to help you obtain important resources. Contact us if you know someone or some organization who should be a member of the Trout River Network. Thank you.

The Network


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