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      A Confluence of People & Organizations Supporting Vital Communities In Franklin County, Vermont

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Trout River Network

  The Trout River Network is a collaboration of people and organizations who are committed to enhancing the quality of life in the communities of Franklin County, Vermont.

  Members of the Trout River Network help to maintain vital communities in the county through their support of individuals, families, neighborhoods, schools, farms, businesses and organizations that:

  Produce agricultural products
  Protect natural resources
  Preserve cultural heritage
  Provide environmental education
  Celebrate art and music
  Support youth and families
  Promote health and wellbeing
  Create sustainable communities

  By working together we share our vision, knowledge and experience, combine energies & talents to improve the quality of life for all residents.  In doing so we create and sustain healthy, vibrant communities.

The Network

  Members of the Trout River Network are listed with a description of services or products as well as contact information.

  Use these listings to help you obtain important resources. Contact us if you know someone or some organization who should be a member of the Trout River Network. Thank you.

The Network

Photo  Rolf Anderson
Trout River, Montgomery, Vermont

Contact Us

  Please contact us if you would like to suggest a link from the Trout River Network website or a subject to be covered.



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Vital Communities

  The measurements for the quality of life in a given town include the physical and spiritual health of its residents, the protection of its natural resources, the education of its children, the preservation of its history, vibrant businesses, citizen involvement in government, diverse social organizations, an active arts scene and, in Franklin County, agriculture.

  Together these and other elements create a healthy or vital community. There is much to celebrate in our part of Vermont.  And much to share.

  The Trout River Network is dedicated to promoting vital communities throughout Franklin County. We want to maintain our quality of life as we face the challenges of a fast changing world.  The Trout River Network's goal is to bring people and organizations together in support of the vitality of each and every town in Franklin County.  Join the network and help make a difference.

Thank you !  


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